Saturday, September 25, 2010

Question of the Day #698

You know how I've been complaining about how cold it's been? That the cloudy weather has been so depressing. That Summer never came to So Cal?

Guess who's here?!

That's right. Summer! She got to town on Thursday, heated up Friday and brought the most perfect sunshiny, blue-skied Saturday ever. And she's supposed to stay through Tuesday!


What extraordinary thing is taking place around you?



  1. Autumn!! The fall harvest, local fairs, fresh air, bluer than blue skies, intense colours of the landscape, migration of birds -- so spectacular!

  2. Yay, enjoy it!
    The extraordinary thing is we are getting our house ready to sell. I've been scrubbing, decluttering, organizing etc all day into the night. I'm not the best housekeeper so that is why it's extraordinary :).

  3. I'm trying not to be jealous that you are close to the beach and the ocean breezes during this heat spell. For me? 103-108 degrees is the forecast. Ack.
    Anyway, you enjoy, you've waited long for the sun. Happy weekend!

  4. We were overrun with ravens. Three days they squawked, so I finally hiked out to see what the fuss was. Turns out there is a dead buck just aways from my house in the forest. As soon as I saw it, I flipped because I knew I was in the wrong place! It was either a bear or mountain lion kill. The neighbor's dogs have been going nuts at night.

    And yeah ... I had to post a pic! Gag.

  5. Beautiful warm weather in Montana! It was downright HOT at the University of Montana Griz game yesterday.

    Today on the drive home at dusk we saw a black bear, group of deer, and a fox. Very cool.

    Mother Nature is the most extraordinary thing taking place around me right now.


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