Thursday, September 16, 2010

Question of the Day #689

It’s like this
I ease my bedroom door open
The air conditioner hums as I step into the still hallway
Through the darkness, I reach for the railing
And tread down the carpeted stairs
Skip the third
And the fifth
Lean to the right

At the back door
The house holds its breath as I pull on the knob and step outside
Crickets sing as my feet meet the smooth slate, still warm from the day
I tiptoe
Until I reach the neighbor’s lawn

Dew splatters my ankles as I burst into a run
Down the street
To the next
And the next
Pebbles dig into my soles
But I keep running
Heart pumping
Flesh tingling
Giggles rising

Headlights beam through the trees
So I duck behind a hedge
Catch my breath
And start again

Racing through the warm summer night
To get to you

What's better than summer love?



  1. The love from a child. But I do love this too!!

  2. Summer love rocks.

  3. Hmmm! that sounds wonderful and familiar :-)

  4. Chocolate.

    I loved reading this post!!

  5. Summer love just sounds more romantic, doesn't it? Great post!

  6. Oh man, that just took me back like 15 years... the good old days of summer love.

    What's better than summer love? Real forever love from my husband - he rocks!!

  7. Oh I had one of those! Moonlit nights walking on the beach....


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