Saturday, September 4, 2010

Question of the Day #677

Over a tray of Cheerios, my beautiful little niece puts her hands over her eyes then pulls them away, peekaboo-ing Auntie Suzie. She wiggles in her high chair. Pushes the seat with her hands. Moves her legs around the post that holds her in.

But she's stuck. There's no escaping the high chair.

What's got you stuck?



  1. Lack of money and kid-school scheduling issues.

  2. "I'm stuck! O Chuck!" comes into mind from many years ago. Sometimes you just need a little hand from someone who loves you.
    And sometimes it is better for you to be stuck just for a while :)

  3. My master's degree! Forever and ever....

  4. That's too funny.

    My query (for a YA novel)! People who critted it are thinking like adults and not teens. Sad really since many of them are YA writers. ;)


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