Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Question of the Day #674

Yesterday I was craving a cheeseburger. The craving started the day before, when I thwarted it with chicken, but by yesterday I had to eat a burger. So I went to the pub with E and gobbled down a delicious California burger and savored every last french fry.

When we were finished, E asked, "Do you want to play pool?"

"I can't play pool," I said.

"Yes, you can," he said.

"No, really. I'm horrible."

"When's the last time you tried?"

"I don't know. Like high school," I said.

"You might want to try again." He cocked an eyebrow at me.

"Okay, fine," I said. "But don't make fun of me."

"I won't," he said.

I sank a ball or two. I also missed most balls so ridiculously that a normal person would have laughed at me. But E didn't.

It was fun because E didn't do that thing that guys do. You know, when they tell you how you should hold a pool cue or baseball bat or golf club and say, "No, no, not like that. Like this." And all the fun of trying gets sucked out of the moment.

He just let me play. And I wasn't very good at it. But it was fun.

What have you tried lately that surprised you?



  1. Funny, I hate it when guys do that with girls. And then guys wonder why they don't like to play. I get stressed out just watching some know-it-all micro-manage a friendly game.

    I actually tried a veggie burger (trying to diet) and it wasn't that bad.- DAle

  2. Drumming. I haven't done a lot of it, but there is something primal in finding differnt rhythms on a hand drum. It shifts something in your physical and emotional being.

  3. I love pool :-)

    Cooking! I've always avoided it - and my hubby is a wonderful chef. But I tried it, and admit, I didn't do half bad.

  4. Hiking - it had been a while (~5 years?) and I thought I'd be rusty and/or lazy and/or out of shape - but I have to say I was just as hard core as I was back in my 20s. Fabulous. I feel awesome.

  5. Sounds like fun!

    I tried taking a yoga class today. Unfortunately, what surprised me about it was how tough it was! I expected relaxation but wound up sweating. Not to say I won't try it again, since I'm sure it was great exercise, but yikes!!!

  6. YAY for you! I tried to play pool while catching up with an old friend Friday night that we happened to run into. Doing both at the same time? Not so easy!

  7. Oh, good for you. Does it leave you feeling like you might want to play it again? For me, driving our '57 Chevy was a BIG challege. Hubby spent 10 years building it. It's been juiced. It's got a Camero, Firebird engine in it. It's got power. Taking it out the first time was...nervy. It is so cool drive!

  8. I tried writing again. I felt like I came home.

  9. Sounds like fun! For me, I started riding my bike again, which is really cool.


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