Saturday, September 11, 2010

Question of the Day #684

Yesterday, I made a new friend. This is Skylark. She lives at Liberty Hill Farm in Vermont. She's a milking cow.

On the farm, I met calves, heifers, bulls and milking cows. I watched them graze, laze, get fed and milked. I learned that every other day, Cabot Cheese picks up the milk to make cheese with.

I loved it.

My Vermont visit has been like one giant, super fun field trip.

What "field trip" have you taken lately?



  1. We're going to Memphis next weekend to see Elvis's THAT should be interesting!

  2. Well, I haven't made one recently (unless I think of going home to the islands as a field trip) but I WILL be going to a one day SCBWI confrence next Saturday. And that I DO think of a field trip.

  3. If I can count conferences, I have Anderson Bookshop's YA conference Sept 25, half-day program at our local SCBWI network Oct 16 with Golden Kite winner Julia Durango and our Illinois SCBWI one day conference in November. I guess fall is field trip season!

  4. I think the state of South Dakota counts;) Caves and monuments, horses and reptiles.

  5. Thanks for stopping by to meet one of our farm family cows!


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