Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Question of the Day #680

My new project takes place in the early 60's. So yesterday my mom and I discussed key events of that time.

"Kennedy got elected and Chubby Checker did The Twist," I said.

"Yes, and every Sunday night, we'd gather in front of the television and watch the Ed Sullivan Show. It was an event."

"I'll have to include that," I said.

"I still remember the night Elvis appeared," she said. "My mother and father were so appalled! They couldn't get over the vulgarity of his gyrating."

I giggled.

"What?" she asked.

"It's like that with every generation. Remember when Madonna did 'Like a Virgin' in a wedding dress?"

"I was so upset!" she said.

"And what about when George Michael released 'I Want Your Sex'?"

"That was horrible!"

I laughed.

"And how about when I was reading Judy Blume's Forever and you found out 'Ralph' was not a person?"

"Oh my god," she said and groaned.

"Exactly," I said.

What pop culture appalled you or your parents?



  1. I remember when Madonna came out with "Justify Your Love" and it was hugely controversial too. Same with "Like a Prayer." She seemed to love to make people talk. Scandal sells CDs.

  2. Rap music and boys with earrings.

  3. Cutting the neck of your sweatshirt so that it hung down and *gasp* your shoulder was bare!

  4. My parents are really conservative, and were appalled by too many things to list here.

    Currently, I am appalled by what girls are (or should I say aren't) wearing. Pumped up breasts, pants so low they show off thongs, shirts that barely fit over the muffin tops created by the too tight pants/shorts. Dresses that barely (and sometimes don't) cover the rump. The fact that there are stores that sell lingerie to girls is just wrong, on so, so many levels.

  5. I think the whole rap west coast/east coast thing was awful...Death row records / Bad Boy - but 2 great artists were killed; Tupac and Nor. BIG. Interesting enough LAPD and LVPD have not solved either case and both trails have run cold.

  6. I bet your mom is loving giving you advice and info about the 60's!!!!!!!!
    My dad could not stand it when boys wore earrings.
    I was a good girl though, so not much appalled them. I remember turning up my Guns n Roses cassette tape with the F bombs blaring to see what they would say. Nothing. They said nothing! Yep, the only way I rebeled was music with swear words. My parents had it easy!

  7. I was pretty much a good girl too...Boring I know...I probably listened to music with fowl language in it, but didn't know it. My husband has banned(err requested) me not play some of my cd's around my 14 year old because of the language...so I don't when he's around...I don't think she hears the words either...just the beat...

  8. A few years ago I attended an elementary school talent show where a group of kids danced to Soulja Boy's Crank That. Apparently I was the only parent that had looked up the meaning to the lyrics...

  9. I was pretty appalled when I heard the Lady Gaga lyrics "Let's have some fun, this beat is sick. I want to take a ride on your disco stick." I tried to convince myself that it was double meaning - as in there was some "safe" meaning to disco stick - but that delusion didn't last for long.

  10. The culture of our youth wearing Che Guevera shirts having no idea was the man was. The constant sense of entitlement from our youth. No respest for athority and parents themselves.

    VHI had the 100 greatist artists of all time. And most of the groups I absolutely loved, Pearl Jam, Rage against the Machine, Green Day, all turned out to be anti-American. Rage Are straight up Marxists and make no bones about it, Vedder and his clan are about to step over that line hooking up with Marxists like Sean Penn who I still think is one of the greatest actors of all time, and had a part in forming my teenage years with Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

    Now to come full circle this comes down to baby boomers kids. Meaning kids who where products of soldiers coming back from war and and wanted nothing more than their kids to have more than them. But as it turns out the went to college got indoctrinated by leftist professors and Timothy Leary,remember his now infamous phrase "Turn on, tune in, drop out". The sixties were the moral decline of our culture and it has continued to decline until "The Great Communicator Ronald Reagan. He brought back Patriotism took down the Soviet Union and the Nuclear theat. Now I say this as my family raised me as a staunch Demogoge, I mean Democrat, and despised Reagan. But he got to me he stood up "Tear down this wall", it came down. He called the Soviet Union "The evil empire", and took them down. He made me feel good to be an American and I've never stopped. He curbed the moral decline in our nation but the is still the proplem of our University Professors especially in the Ivy league, and North eastern colleges. Many of the students in the protest of the sixties and early seventies were the (SDS) students for a democratic society and the Weather Underground suppresed their radical rehtoric and put on a tweed suit and tie and became Professors of our universities and politicians.

    The summer of love turned into the summer of hate, remember the Stones concert at Altamont.


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