Monday, September 27, 2010

Question of the Day #700

7oo Questions. Wow. And we're still having fun!

Anyhoo, did I mention that summer finally came to So Cal? I'm so happy that really bad things, like my car dying, can't kill my mood. I'm like a happy balloon. Unpoppable. Unstoppable.

That's right. Pump up the temperature, add some serious sunshine and I'm elated.

What elevates you to unpoppable, unstoppable heights?



  1. A new record by an artist that I love. It's had that effect since I was a kid buying cassette tapes! = )

  2. Just about the same thing as you. I love Santa Anas and just the heat in general. I definitely was dissapointed by our summer. The wether does affect my moods. When it's warm my joints feel better, my back doesn't hurt as much and I can just wear some shorts, flip flops, and a T. I grew up in SoCal and it never gets old, the sun and heat totally elevates me.

  3. After a hot Texas summer, waking up to it being 51 degrees! And cool ALL day. I can smell fall in the air. LOVE IT.

  4. Sunshine and a good song!
    Enjoy the great weather!!! Happy 700th question! WOW!

  5. Smiles on my kids' faces :)
    700! wow!

  6. Sunshine and warm temps for me too! Nothing gets me going like that does.

  7. 700 Questions!!?? Holy crap! Your car died??!! WTF?!

    My sweet daughter brings me the most unbelievable joy! In fact, I told her so today. I'm so blessed!

  8. The latest book by Nelson DeMille and a rainy afternoon to sit on the couch and read it.

  9. Sorry to hear about your car. That totally sucks! I can't believe you're at 700 already. Wow.

    Having uninterrupted time to myself is what gets me going.

  10. Sunshine. Always does it for me, too. And listening to disco music.


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