Monday, September 8, 2014

What New Format or Technique Have You Tried Lately?

This weekend, I worked on another TV pilot. This whole experience has been very strange because I've never written in that format before. I'm sort of guessing my way through it. But it's fun and everything is just rushing out. So, I'm going with it.

What about you? What new format have you tried lately? Could be anything - from a gardening technique to a style of cooking or painting or photography.

What's new with you?


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Do You Know Anyone Who Goes Bananas for Birthdays?

My friend, Stacie, LOVES birthdays. Yesterday was hers. When I called in the morning, she answered the phone by saying, "It's my birthday!" All day, she sent texts about how excited she was for her birthday dinner. And when we arrived, she was wearing a sash that read, "It's my birthday!"

"Why do you love birthdays so much?" I asked.

"Because when we were growing up, my mama made our birthdays into the biggest holiday of the year. We got to choose our meal. We got to choose what kind of cake we wanted and we didn't have to do any chores!" she said.

She practically squealed. That made me giggle because there's something fabulous about feeling the magic of your birthday even after 40.

Do you know anyone who goes bananas for their big day?