Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Question of the Day #688

Last night, H and I babysat K. (Total tangent: That read like an alphabet book, didn't it?)

We played with walkie talkies and ran around as K protected us from monsters.

"Ahhhhhh! I'm killing the monsters!" K yelled. A lot.

"Save us! Please save us!" H and I squealed.

"BAM!" K karate kicked the air.

Suddenly the floor vibrated with bass and a booming beat. The three of us stared at each other as concert-loud music shook the apartment.

"I think the neighbors don't like our game," I said.

"Let's play something quieter," H suggested.

"Who wants to talk about wii?" K asked. "Raise your hand!"

H and I raised our hands, marveling that the neighbors had really just super sonically blasted hip hop to shut us up.

How do you deal with neighbors when they annoy you?



  1. I ignore them. I'm sure my one set thinks I'm something that rhymes with witch. What can I say? Their friends keep parking in front of my house, forcing me to park elsewhere. It was a pain when I was pregnant and had to carry a toddler and groceries down the hill.

  2. Wow that's a tough one. We personally have neighbors that are very annoying. I personally don't like confrontation anymore since I spent the better part of 8 yrs. as a doorman. Basically I was giving them the cold shoulder until one day they (brother and sister) were yelling at each other so loud I had to go down. When I did the door was wide open and the brother had his sister pushed up against a wall with his hand around her neck. I had to go inside and he quickly moved away. I asked her if she was ok and needed any help. She said everything was fine in broken english, but I told her to come upstairs if anything went wrong. The brother left ten minutes later and I haven't seen him since. She moved in her other brother and a boyfriend so it's been much better now.

    In a kind of related story a woman on our same block tried to run over her boyfriend right across the street and crashed into the parked cars in front of the apt. building. She tried to remove her car from the one she just smashed into but the neighborhood surrounded her and one man pulled her out of the car and called the cops. Crazy block I live on.

    Normally the most I ever do is ask very politely to keep the noise down, and when that happens it really has to be loud. You remember our after parties in P.B. so I kind of have a soft spot for loud youngsters.

  3. I planted a bunch of shrubs and climbing roses and never pruned.

  4. Thankfully, our neighbors are heavenly!

  5. Haven't figured that one out yet. Let me know if you do!

  6. Our neighbors are attached by duplex and their children run up and down and up and down the stairs all night long. They listen to Indian music at 2 am. My husband cranks his metal and my stepdaughter turns up her Screamo. After last night, I might blast some Aerosmith :-)

  7. We built a tall wooden fence so we wouldn't have to look at their unkept yard.

  8. Tough call on this one, especially in Los Angeles - never know who is really who. I mean, everyone is somewhat crazy, but to what degree you never know. I usually give them the hard "really...your doing what" type of look & then pray that they have some sort of scruples - they usually don't!

  9. Wow - K is very brave! I'm glad he saved you & H from the monsters.

    I don't have neighbors close enough to bug me.

  10. That opening sentence cracked me up! Made me think of why 6 is afraid of 7;)
    I have such nice neighbors...the creepy ones up on the corner we avoid. Our 'hood refers to them as "the shut-ins" and since we never see them, they don't annoy us. I feel lucky.


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