Monday, August 13, 2012

Question of the Day #1,465

Dear Blogger Buddies,

I've been cheating on you. Posting on another blog. Working on another project. Dialing in the questions. Until a couple weeks ago, when I decided maybe it was time to stop with the questions.

I recently launched, a dating game designed to empower women to build confidence, take chances and find love. It works like other Fantasy Sports, in that players create leagues, set stakes and compete against each other to earn points. Then they earn points by exchanging number, receiving call and texts and going on dates.

The competition takes the desperation out of dating and replaces it with fun. Before they know it, women who considered themselves "too shy" are getting their game on everywhere they go. That means incorporating Fantasy Dating into their everyday lives by smiling and saying, "Hi," to potential dates at the supermarket, the dry cleaners and the carwash.

Here's how it works:

Pretty cool, huh? You know what's even cooler? This infographic was created by Adrienne Saldivar. And if you've been hanging around my blog for the last few years, you definitely know Adrienne and The Storyboard.

I've admired her amazing artwork since the first time I giggled at one of her comments and hopped through the blogosphere over to her blog. And I'm thrilled that we now get to work together!

Adrienne also created the guy and girl on Fantasy Dating's homepage. So, please come on over and take a look at my new website. I'd love for my bloggy friends to comment on the Fantasy Dating blog. There will be lots of questions to answer (and not just about dating - about life too) at my new pad.

Meanwhile, I ask one more question. What supercool connections have you made through the Blogosphere?