Thursday, September 23, 2010

Question of the Day #696

I just perused my bank activity. It looks like this: supermarket, supermarket, bill, gas, supermarket, supermarket, supermarket, bill.

I know I'm just one person. But I love food and I love to cook.

Where does all your money go?



  1. Daycare, mortgage, education fund, retirement savings, heat, hydro, other bills, groceries, the kid's school and clothing expenses, charity, petrol, home upgrades, and lastly a haircut & colour every 2 months. (sigh)

  2. Petrol and groceries take up more than one would think necessary. Oh, and insurance. I'd rather spend money on the former.

  3. BOOKS.
    And all those daily bills, groceries, school for my stepdaughter...

  4. When are you moving in with us? :-)

    Yep. Bills and food, mostly. Oh and animals. I think they're food costs more than ours.

    (And that's why you're not moving in, I know.)

  5. Food, fuel (heating or cars), food,trips! did I say food? Hmm? entertainment.... so good to be old.
    P.S. Simply V, I love your hair :) oops I forgot my hair!$$$$$

  6. Groceries are definitely our biggest monthly bill. The rest is almost insignificant next to the food. But I insist...fresh fruit and veggies, organic as must as possible. It adds up quick.

  7. Gas, groceries, school costs, and pet expenses. Car maintenance makes an unwelcome appearance on the list from time to time, too.


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