Sunday, September 26, 2010

Question of the Day #699

Last night, H and I stumbled across some crazy stuff. We walked through a sandbox of giant moving hands.We headed towards the ocean through a suspension bridge of glow sticks.

We watched as the faces of singers "mooning" over karaoke were projected into the sky. Last night, in Santa Monica, a series of art installations comprised a massive party on the beach called "Glow."

The wacky art in motion was really cool. Weird. Cool. We loved it. Thousands of other people did too. Apparently, the party lasted until 3:00 AM.

We were kind of amazed that this sort of event was even taking place. Streets were blocked off. The beach was a free for all. Over 200,000 people were expected.

Overall, the whole thing was sort of crazy. But again, cool.

What crazy cool things take place in your neck of the woods?



  1. Nothing that I can think of, but I'm sure I could think something up, like Lizard Catch, Tag and Release Day....

  2. Recently? Touch A Truck! It was pure paradise for little ones. We climbed aboard a cement mixer, a fire truck, a trash truck, a police surveillance truck, a digger, a street sweeper, a dog grooming truck...oosh, I could go on! We spent the day beeping horns, sounding off sirens and pretending to steer these bad boys.

    Glow/Touch A Truck. Tomato/Tomato. Okay that doesn't translate but whatever. : )

  3. I think I saw the same thing a couple years ago...that was the last time I did shrooms. Are you being straight with us Sue?

  4. Ummm...I live in Iowa...enough said...

    It sounds like a great time!

  5. Montana hosts a Testicle Festival every year where you can eat Rocky Mountain Oysters. I've never attended and have never partook of the delicacy, but I hear it attracts a pretty raucous bunch.

  6. Wow! Edmonton is so boring by comparison. Great pictures of what sounds like a great event. We, uh, have the world's largest mall (or it WAS, might be outdone in Dubai or something now) and we have several summer festivals - like the Fringe, the Street Performer's Festival and Folk Fest. I think we are known as Canada's City of Festivals.

  7. Sounds like Burning Man in Southern California.....4 hours north of Reno each labor


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