Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Question of the Day #56

One New Year's Eve, while on a break home from college, I got invited to a party about 45 minutes away from my hometown. My brother and I drove down winding roads through sleet and grumbled the whole way.

"This is gonna suck."

"Where the hell is this place?"

"We're never going to be able to get out of here."

"Who's going anyway?"

We ended up at a farm house, complete with horses, in the middle of nowhere. We rolled our eyes at each other, and on the count of three, jumped out of his Jeep and ran inside.

Cheers greeted us. Every Jersey friend I had was in that house. Homemade food covered the kitchen countertops. Jersey bands blasted through the stereo system and people danced in the living room. We drank way too much, sang way too loud and slept four to a bed, sofa or chair.

It was one of the best New Year's Eves I've ever had. And to think I'd been so pessimistic.

But that's the thing about New Year's Eve. All that build up. The "biggest night of the year." Even when you plan something special, it usually entails long lines, high prices and a battle to get home safely.

And when you think it's going to be a great one, it usually disappoints. Then when you think it's going to suck, like that Jersey party, it just might rock.

The trick is to keep it simple. And to not get wrapped up in crazy expectations. So this year, my friend J is hosting a party at H's. She threw it out wide, just a few days ago. So who knows who will or won't come. But it doesn't really matter. At this point, we could have a fun in a cardboard box.

So...what are your plans for the big night?



  1. I will be snuggled up with my...manuscript. My deadline is coming at me fast and furious.

  2. Well... as I gaze out my office window into a raging wall-of-white blizzard, I wonder if I will be able to dig out at the end of the workday and bring my plans to fruition. But, I have in mind an evening of shiny happy dancing to a fun Boston disco/funk extravaganza known as Booty Vortex. Even though I am on call this week (hello, short straw!) and cannot *technically* get drunk, AND will have to have my detestable cell phone shoved unattractively in my pocket, I think I will manage to have a riotous time. Happy New Year everyone!

  3. Keeping it really simple - me, the wife, the dogs, the cat, heat (I hope) and some good homecooked food (or order in - whatever). If we stay up til midnight, I'll be surprised. We didn't last year.

  4. Just heading to a friend's house for a pre-party and then off to my favorite bar with a group of friends for the big event.

    Have fun at H's! Wish I was there.

  5. We drove down the PCH today from San Fran to Pasadena (took ~10 hours). Tonight we'll be in Pasadena with fansy-schmansy dinner reservations, but no clue where we'll be at midnight... keeping it open and expectations low. Heck, I'm in California! Way better than NJ no matter what!

    Happy New Years everyone - have fun and be safe!!

  6. We will be staying at home with our little one.. And probably will not be up to see the ball drop..Or Nacho Chip as it is here is AZ..

  7. We're coming to H's for the party. You don't mind watching the kids do you? Just kidding! We're staying home and making an apple crisp. Good times!

  8. We went to a whole-family party at a friend's house. The kids brought their sleeping bags and jammies for upstairs, while the parents were able to party it up downstairs. Very fun! I think my oldest son might be scarred for life by having to watch a roomful of unsober adult explain and demonstrate what a moon walk is, though.


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