Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Question of the Day #27

Rejection. As writers, we have to deal with a lot of it. At first it hurts. It's offensive, insulting, disappointing, ego-bruising, and sometimes, heartbreaking. Some people give up. Others trudge on and after a while it all becomes part of the game, the business of it.

It's probably like that in any business. Imagine sitting in a conference room full of co-workers, offering up an idea only to get shot down by the boss. Or what about musicians who are told their songs are contrite? Floral designers whose clients say their work is ugly?

Or there's the moment you go to hug a spouse and they brush you off. That pang in your belly rises. Then there's the hurt of pursuing a romantic interest who's just clearly not interested in return.

How do you realign yourself in the face of rejection?



  1. Drink a glass (or bottle) of wine, vent to someone, then get over it and get back on the horse... no one said life was gonna be fair kids.

  2. I find rejection in the professional world pretty easy. As a designer I take it as a challenge to do better, to improve my game.

    Personal rejection is another story. It sucks. I will either binge on junk food and veg whilst wallowing in self-pity, or I will just distract myself with something I enjoy.

  3. Keep a stoic face in public and then cry in private. But only for a night. Well, for ms rejections, anyway. Personal rejection sucks way worse. I tend to get angry, slip into a clinical depression, etc. Wine and Prozac tend to help (especially together, but I didn't say that).

  4. Hey~I hope this isn't a relevant question of the day. : (

    But if so, please know that your work rocks. Those of us who've read it know! : )

  5. No play for Mr. Grey...

    I learned about rejection when I learned to two-step. I walked over to a woman and asked her to dance. She said No. Go figure. I moved to the woman next to her and asked again. She also said No. I nodded and moved down the line and kept asking until someone said Yes. Took about 5 tries, but I got what I wanted.

  6. It depends what I'm being rejected for. At this point in my life I try to remember that most things aren't personal. I went on a job interview yesterday. I think it went well. If I don't get it I will chalk it up to someone who just worked better, clicked, had just the right experience, etc. I know it was nothing I did wrong. Personal rejection...thankfully I haven't had to deal with that in a long time, let's just say when I was younger and it was relationship rejection it wasn't pretty.

  7. And happy holidays to you too! : ) Rejection, yikes. Heavy Suzie. I like the drinking remedy too. I’ve recently just begun to really understand the power of talking. Whether to a friend, significant other, therapist or anyone else who has your best interest at heart, it’s helps ease the anxiety of a brush off or rejection. Then, oh boy, there is the rejection that cuts so deep that even years later, after you’ve moved on, you still have a bruise. Silly as it sounds, but it still hurts to think about or see my 1st boyfriend. That jerk! : )
    Good question.


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