Saturday, December 13, 2008

Question of the Day #38

Okay, so I took 7,500 milligrams of Vitamin C and consumed seven cloves of garlic yesterday. I also used a little Zicam and as a friend suggested, wore a hat. My sore throat is gone, but I am still teetering on the edge of illness.

I did not make my caesar salad. Who wants to eat salad when they're sick? Instead, I started my garlic attack with spinach sauteed with two garlic cloves mid afternoon.

Then for dinner I made some spaghetti, sauteed five garlic cloves in olive oil with a tin of anchovies, a splash of wine, some lemon and red hot pepper flakes. I sprinkled it with parmesan cheese and enjoyed.

I'm aware that some people might read that and gag. But I happen to love anchovies and garlic. So, the question is, what foods do you love that other people might think are completely disgusting?



  1. Oh, let me name a few:

    cinnamon raisin bagels with gobs peanut butter
    vanilla yogurt with crushed up pretzels mixed in
    peanut butter & jelly sandwich with potato chips smooshed in the middle

    There is a definite sweet & salty thing going on.

  2. My husband told me that when he was younger and lived at home he loved to eat a mustard sandwich. That's it, lots of mustard on a piece of bread.

  3. My "Lucky Sevens" burger from The Works: Nutella and sliced banana on a burger....mmmmmmm.

  4. Sour Warheads, but they're kind of hard on my teeth.

  5. Oh Lisa, thank goodness I'm not pregnant nor can be ever again!!!
    Your combos, though, have endeared me more to my pinot grigio :).
    AND RUTHIE! mustard sandwiches!!! holy moly, Although, I have heard of "sugar on bread" during the depression. Of course that probably tasted good but hard to think about it now.
    I loved to put potato chips and pickles in my tuna fish salad sandwiches when I was working and my coworkers gagged until the tried it!!!
    who knew!

  6. an after thought, comfort food is in the mouth of the beholder.

  7. Garlic is one of my four food groups.

  8. I am a huge fan of the canned fish items - tuna and salmon of course, but mostly sardines of any variety, smoked trout, kippered herring fillets... My coworkers sometimes run screaming from the office kitchen when I am preparing my lunch of smashed fish on crackers. They need to toughen up. I don't even bother bringing the cans of smoked mussels and oysters to work.

    I haven't really ventured as far as anchovies, though. Maybe Santa will make me a batch of that anchovy-garlic spaghetti?

  9. I'm similar to what everyone has posted already. Sardines, fish, sushi, monkfish liver, etc. Ophelia likes sardines quite a bit too. Recently she told me that she didn't want to take them to school anymore because the kids had made fun of her. After we talked about different ways for her to handle the taunts she decided to try again. Whatever she did it must have worked because she said it was fine and she was willing to eat sardines at school again. Yay for not succumbing to peer pressure. Long live unpopular foods!

  10. Peanut butter and pickle sandwich. Yummmmmmm!!


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