Sunday, December 7, 2008

Question of the Day #32

This year, my family has decided to keep the spending to a minimum when it comes to holiday gifts. So I'm trying to think up creative ways to make cool prezzies that don't cost much money. I have a few genius plans, but I'm also drawing some series blanks.

(I know I'm being vague, but there are family eyes all over this blog and I don't want to spoil any surprises.)

But here are a couple ideas I saw on an Oprahsode that I am not using:

1. Create memory boxes for your kids. Find or decorate a cool box and fill it with school projects, drawings, pictures, awards, and keepsakes for your kids to keep forever. Now that I think about it, this could probably also be a great gift for a mate. Then keep it out somewhere, on a shelf or mantel, so it's easily accessible.

2. Have a toy swap with friends. It's amazing how much stuff we have that's barely used. Bring toys to a friend's house and then trade. Get cool gifts for free!

3. Place a small box in front of each guest's dinner plate. Then as your family or guests arrive, hand out notecards. Have each person write down one thing they love about everyone else. Fill each person's box with notecards to take home and enjoy forever.

Anyway, I know we are not the only family in the financially pinched boat. So, I'm thinking that this is a great forum for everyone to brainstorm. What are your super cheap great gift ideas?



  1. Use digital photos to create photo albums on a site like Or even better, give the gift that keeps giving - a calendar where each month's picture is a digital photo of you & the gift receiver (or something meaningful to you guys)... Not free, but very very inexpensive. Try MyPublisher, KodakGallery, Snapfish, etc.
    If you knit, make people mittens or scarves. If you cook like I do, make those layered jars (sorta like sand art) with dry ingredients for cookies & include instructions for making the cookies. Making personalized picture frames is very easy - get a cheap frame from a craft store & personalize with paint, glitter, beads, whatever.

  2. Or make your own limoncello or moonshine or whatever liquor. Recipes are online & super easy although might be too late in the season bc I think they need a month or two to ferment.

  3. Baking a variety of mega-rich goodies that are best consumed (and given) in small quantities.

  4. This year, I'm crocheting up a storm. I also made up a calendar full of cute pics of my kids for the grandparents.

  5. I've framed some of the kids artwork for the grandparents. I also took small pieces of blank canvas, painted them bright colors then had the kids put their hand and footprints all over them. Suz, I bet your mom & walt would love one of those from you!

  6. Oh Lisa, I would love Suz's foot/hand prints in a frame. In fact I think I have them!!!I'll get back to you on that :)
    Time is the most precious gift. Make a date in your head (preferably on your calendar) when you will call/email etc someone dear to you that perhaps you "forget or just can't find the time for". And let it happen. I had an "Auntie" who recently passed away. Those conversations were great. Times that I hope to always remember.Ironically, her daughter called tonight to share in the memory of my mother's birthday. Meant more to me than words can express.

  7. when in doubt, buy a bag of gumballs


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