Thursday, December 25, 2008

Question of the Day #50

It’s like this
Snow falls softly
On this mountain
Mom’s singing floats up from the kitchen
Upstairs, I wrap homemade memories
And wait for Santa and his wife to arrive
We stoke the fire, master puzzles and eat more cookies
Leaving last night’s shrieking winds behind
Along with palm trees and cross continental worries
Because right here
At 1800 feet
Surrounded by green mountains
Everyone is safe

How's your day?



  1. Our day was wonderful! The dinner turned out perfect, thanks to Suzie's grandmother's recipe. After we had dessert, we challenged the men to a game of pictionary, the women came out ahead of course. We relaxed with our wine and enjoyed looking at the Christmas tree lights and candles glowing as we talked, laughed and enjoyed the time together. So it's quiet time now with everyone gone, now we can open our gifts and end the night with the move Scooge! Merry Christmas!!

  2. Our tummies are full. Our family is laughing and spirited : ) We have contacted many of those dear to us. Skyped for the first time!!! How awesome is that! Tomorrow, even more fun!!! Merry Christmas!

  3. The heater broke and the house is a bit chilly. But there are those with no heat and no home. Mom left for her (warm) home today after a 9 day visit. But there are those with no parents or who do not speak to their parents or vice versa. Our presents to each other were small because we gave donations in each other's honor to charities who are suffering badly in this economy. And then there are those charities who had their money invested with Madoff and lost it all.

    We are happy and very, very lucky. Giving thanks every day for what we have. Giving what we can to those who have little.

  4. Wow! You blogged on Christmas??? Good for you!

    My Christmas was awesome--really quiet and peaceful. It turned out to be a really good idea to have dinner at Chevy's instead of cooking, too. I loved having a day off from the usual mess around here.


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