Saturday, December 27, 2008

Question of the Day #52

Last night we lit a bonfire out in a snowy field, drank mulled wine and sang around it. (To my mother's dismay, we thwarted her attempts at Silent Night for the theme from Greatest American Hero and many other odd 80's TV shows.) As we danced out in the snow, we noticed that every so often, the fire would follow one of us.

Like no matter where my cousin Michael stood, the wind would shift and the fire would blow sparks in his direction.

Which got me thinking, what's following you?



  1. Stress, but I'm trying to change that. One of my resolutions, I guess.

  2. My cat follows me - all over the house. It's sometimes a little annoying (like when she gets under my feet or starts meowing demandingly for attention when I cannot give it), but mostly it's really endearing as she is old and portly and the following up and down stairs (and up and down again) is a big effort for her.

  3. Can't seem to get my guilty conscience to back off. Don't you have someone else to follow?

  4. My kids, which is great, unless I'm going to the bathroom.

  5. My kids, especially when I'm in the bathroom! And the dog.


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