Monday, December 22, 2008

Question of the Day #47

Last night, my friend Nancy invited a bunch of writer friends over for a Winter Solstice party to toast to the fact that our days will be getting brighter and lighter. A brilliant idea, admist all this holiday fuss, to celebrate the fact that change is coming, at the very least, in the form of longer days.

We told ghost stories, talked writing, ate mounds of mac and cheese, drank wine, welcomed warm neighbors who just happened to stop by and laughed until we cried.

It was my favorite event this season so far. What's yours?



  1. The day I lost power in the ice storm, I went to a Movies and Rumballs gathering of dear friends (at a house that had power, obviously). We ate delicious sweets, drank egg nog (and wine, maybe a bad combination) and watched Elf, one of my favorite movies. "We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup."

  2. I'd like to say it was the big Festivus party Saturday night or the family get together yesterday with all of my in-laws, and don't get me wrong, both events were fabulous; but my favorite this season was this past Friday when it snowed. I got out of work early, went shopping & the stores were empty, then went home to spend the rest of the day with just me & my husband. We wrapped presents, napped, then went to our favorite local bar! Nice!

  3. That sounds like a very homey time, which is my favorite kind of event. So far? It's been Thanksgiving in the Arizona mountains with my parents. So fun.

  4. The best thing so far is that S arrived on time and "full of energy". We went shopping and just got home in time for happy hour. How happy are we! : )
    I know that H is on the way too!!


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