Saturday, December 20, 2008

Question of the Day #45

So last night, H and I threw a margarita party at Brian's - because he said we could.

He's got this cool loft, a margarita machine and mad mixology skills, plus, he's charismatic. See? That's him, the "Beautiful Burnout" on the right. And a couple weeks ago, while consuming margaritas elsewhere, I asked when we were going to have them at his place and he said, "Any time you want."

And the idea of throwing parties at other people's places was born. It was great. Our friends met his friends. His friends met our friends, everybody contributed something to the cause and we all enjoyed a little fiesta.

It was so successful, we've planned another party for New Years Eve where S & P will invite their friends over to H's pad.

So, if you were to incorporate this new party trend into your life, whose house would you throw a party at and why?



  1. I'd throw a party at Ronald McDonald's house so he and the Hamburglar could clean up the mess as I drive off into the sunset.

  2. My sister's, because she has lots of wine and lots of beds to crash in afterward.


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