Friday, December 5, 2008

Question of the Day #30

Okay! I think we've found our highschool/teenage groove. I'm very relieved. I thought our round of questions was close to being extinguished.

So, might as well leap - what was your most embarrassing teenage moment?

Mine occured during Freshman year in my Core Algebra class. (Yes, that's Algebra for dummies. If I were a math genius, I'd have serious doubts about whether or not I could truly write.) I sat in the back row, between K.V., my crush since 5th grade, and E.M., my newly discovered, hot, older crush. (Scary, because if I was in "core" Algebra as a Freshman and he was in "core" Algebra as a junior, well, you do the math.)

Something whizzed by my head. Not a bug. A white zippy thing. I turned to older hot crush guy and saw him rubbing paper between his lips. I looked towards 5th grade crush guy as he pulled a massive wad of paper from his mouth.

K.V. was about to launch the motherlode spitball at E.M. and I sat right in it's path.

Panicked, I pushed back my chair/desk combo. The legs snagged in the rug and I flipped up on my back, feet in the air, desk in my lap, book smacked in the face.

Laughter thundered as I lay there, wishing I could disappear rather than having to stand and brush myself off after the first of many "smooth moves."

Mortifying. And you?



  1. Even though only one person saw this, I was beyond mortified, so here you go...

    At a concert, I walked out of a bathroom stall with the back of my skirt caught up in my waistband, so it looked fine from the front but my backside was completely visible (and I mean completely, since I was wearing sheer tights with no underwear) from the rear. Luckily, this really hardcore-looking girl who was washing her hands when I came out of the stall told me, so I didn't leave the restroom totally exposed. Embarrassing enough that she saw (especially since my rear end isn't a pretty sight), but the horror of the situation's potential still has me cringing inside.

  2. There are so many. How to choose just one? Your story reminded me of an incident in photography class. There were these two guys who were somewhat effeminate. In what I imagine was an effort to divert attention away from themselves they would often harass me and point out reasons why they thought I was a lesbian. On this particular occasion we were in the darkroom and one of them said it was because my hand smelled like fish. Later back in the classroom the other took a yard stick and jabbed me in the breast for reason's I must have blocked out. I turned it around though and threw a chair at him. I ran out of class right after. The great part was that I never did get in trouble for throwing the chair. I think the teacher must have realized what jack asses they were.

  3. Holy crap! My story is strangely similar!

    7th grade. Mr. Costa's math class. I was sitting in the back row, right in front of the ol' in-the-wall crank pencil sharpener. I clearly remember thinking, hey, I can sharpen my pencil without even standing up. Yup. I leaned back in one of those plastic chairs with metal legs, contorting myself in an effort to fit my pencil into the little hole. Reaching, reaching and boom! The chair slipped out from under me, slamming my head on the floor. All I saw was Mr. Costa's big, red face standing over me screaming "what it the matter with you?"

    What's up with these unruly chairs in math?!

    I'm sure there are many more embarrassing moments but I do a pretty good job at blocking them out.


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