Monday, December 15, 2008

Question of the Day #40

Okay, this one's for Brian.

I often discover little pieces of paper crumpled up in my purse and pockets. On them, I find quotes, ideas and questions. Today, I smoothed out a piece of pub bar tab feed on which I'd scrawled, "What is your irrational fear?"

Mine is that I will never have money again. What's yours?



  1. If I stumble or trip, the first thing that flashes through my mind, without fail, is that I will land face first and bust my front teeth. I do this for other people as well: if I see them go down, I will gasp and clap my hand over my mouth, in a remote attempt to protect their incisors. So far so good - no busted teeth on my watch.

  2. I'm getting over it but I used to have a fear of being grabbed by someone under my bed. It all stems from when I was little and thought Kiss was under there.

  3. Same as yours! At least, I hope it's irrational...

  4. Homelessness, cause I've been there once, and don't ever want to do that again.

    ...and sudden death. Irrational because outside of me not taking extreme risks like mountain biking on mountain cliffs, it's not much up to me really - and if it's really sudden - I might not even know it happened.

  5. i would have to say, being alone for the rest of life. but after not having a serious relationship in 10+ years & living alone ontop of that for the last 5, i am not sure i really like people / women enough to open up to them.

  6. That me or my kids will wind up in jail for one reason or another.

  7. Falling off a high bridge in a car or not being able to negotiate a turn on an icy causeway and plunging into the icy water? Thank goodness I wake up!!!!

  8. Coming home from vacation to find my house burned to the ground.

    (It happened to some cousins when I was young, so it's a fear based in someone else's reality!)

    And I'm with you on the scraps of paper. I could probably put them all together and make a book. Hmmm...

  9. I have a crazy, over the top fear of home invasions.

  10. alright, a bit late.

    flying over water. no idea why, but when the plane leaves land, stewardess! whiskey please.

    viva la taco/bingo tuesday.

  11. Putting binoculars up to my eyes, then blades pop out. All you can see is blood running down my cheeks.

    Saw it in a movie when I was a kid, kinda stuck with me.


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