Monday, December 8, 2008

Question of the Day #33

So, my friend Margie, one of the original founders of this question game we're playing, just emailed me, asking how the heck she can comment on the blog. She is not the first person to ask me that. So here are some instructions.

First, you need one of the following accounts:

Live Journal

So, let's say you want to use a google account.

1. Go to

2. Click on "sign in" in the upper right hand corner

3. Click on "create one for free"

4. Type in your email address and a password

5. After you confirm your google account, go back to

6. Click "sign in" at the top of the page

7. Sign in with your email address and password

8. When you see a post you'd like to comment on, click on "5 comments" or however many comments there are at the bottom of my post

9. Write your fabulous comment in the box

10. Select "google account" as what you're commenting as

11. Click post comment

Hopefully, that should do it.

Meanwhile, I'd like to thank Margie for reminding me to post a question. I FORGOT. Completely. I got all into critiquing manuscripts for tonight's meeting and completely forgot that the world is waiting for the Question of the Day. Please accept my apology.

So, thanks to Margie, the question is, what did you forget to do today?



  1. To call my mother back. Though maybe it was subliminally intentional.

  2. The question might be for me, What did I remember?
    I have a daily list of things to do. It seems to grow from day to day but it is so satisfying to cross things off!!!
    The other problem is to remember what you did with the list :)

  3. I forgot to go to work today... I "worked from home" which meant mostly planning my trip to SF & LA! Yahooooooo!

  4. Oh my goodness! A reminder just popped up on my iCal that it's been 10 years since Steve and I started dating!! Holy moly! That crazy night at Mirabelle on Sunset, sitting next to Captian Kirk, was 10 years ago? I would have totally forgot! Thank goodness for online calendars!

  5. Oops! Guess I'd better get off the computer and go pick up the kids!

  6. I forgot to wake up for a period of thirty minutes in the morning.


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