Friday, December 12, 2008

Question of the Day #37

I have a porcupine in my throat. He needs to leave.

My usual path to porcupine eviction entails tons and tons of vitamin C. I mean like 2,000 milligrams every couple hours. It almost always works. Unfortunately, I am out of vitamin C. And since I'm still in pajamas, going to the store seems extremely ambitious.

I am in need of aternative strategies. What you do when you have a cold?



  1. Eat tons of garlic & go for a run to sweat it out. Sounds crazy, but it works. If that fails, I just sleep it off.

  2. THAT is a solution I can deal with. I do love garlic. Caesar salad anyone?

    I'm going out to get Vitamin C now. I have all the fixings for my deliciously garlicky don'tcomenearmefortwodays caesar salad here. I'm going to try both.

    Warning to anyone contemplating stopping by - you'll either be offended by garlic or catch the porcupine.

    No wonder why I'm a hermit.

  3. I do various things and sometimes I'm more inclined to do one thing over another. I do zinc, usually in the form of Zicam, when I think of it. I drink wheat grass juice when I can force myself to face it. I imagine it's like chewing on the front lawn. Eww, I can feel the after effect just thinking about it. I drink large amounts of Odwalla juices. Specifically Mo Beta (which I've not been able to find lately), C monster and Superfood. I'm convinced that the spirulina in Superfood has magical qualities. I used to do echinacea but stopped doing that for no particular reason. My husband swears by chicken broth and I will make chicken soup from scratch on occasion.

  4. Lots of fresh-squeezed OJ, vitamins, and favorite soups (either spicy coconut veggie from a local Thai restaurant or mish mosh from Milton's, a nearby deli).

  5. P.S. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  6. I feel like a boob. I forgot to say feel better!

  7. Oh no! Feel better soon!

    My recommendations come from Nick, as he is a bigger believer in cold "remedies" than I - not to mention is currently battling one himself.

    Gargle with mouthwash frequently - and apparently the yuckier tasting the better (but I suspect that is just to keep his chest hair growing and has nothing to do with the cold).
    Zinc lozenges for sure!
    Lots of fluids, various tea, soups, juices.
    Spicy or garlic infused foods.

  8. Gargle with mouthwash frequently, huh? Although I'm definitely going to stay away from the yucky stuff. The side effects are not appealing to me. ; )

    Thanks Sudabaki! BTW, you could never be a boob.


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