Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Question of the Day #41

So last night I caught the last third of Reality Bites on TV. You remember, uber cool 90's grungers Troy and Leiliana are roommates but are really madly in love with each other and too scared or maybe too dumb to admit it until the end, when in a flash they realize that maybe reality doesn't bite so much because they're actually meant to be together forever.

Yes, you remember.

Well, it got me thinking about happy endings and how Hollywood has created an entire genre of romantic comedies with happy endings.

As novelists, we try hard not too wrap things up too nicely. God forbid we pull a Stephenie Meyer and evoke thousands of book returns from customers who are irate that everything turned out so peachy.

But with movies, we love happy endings. Reality Bites does not stand alone. There's Love Actually, The Holiday, Knotting Hill, and a zillion others. Even a bumbling klutz like Bridget Jones gets to find true love in Hollywood.

And we, as viewers, cheer for her, cry for her and maybe for a second even wish to be like her.

So, I ask, what's your favorite happy ending?



  1. I do like happy endings, but I do get it when the movie doesn't end that way. Hmmmm, I like when you feel like cheering at the end of the movie. I love when good conquers evil because that is how it should be...like in Harry Potter and Star Wars movies.

  2. My real life, so far.

    But as for movies and endings... I love Love Actually because it is such a mix of endings wrapped up in one movie. The people all wind up finding their happiness, but not always in the way they thought they wanted it in the beginning. It's a feel good movie with shades of real life.

  3. Probably Shrek or Beauty & the Beast. :-)

  4. I loved "Snoopy Come Home" when I was a kid. To this day, there are parts that make me cry...hysterically. The ending is great because, Snoopy comes home. I also love the ending of "Pride and Prejudice." Very typical romantic story happy ending, the two main characters end up together. But what I love even better than the ending, more fun than the ending, are all the things that happen, good & bad, to get to that happy ending. Makes the ending so sweet and satisfying. I guess that's why it's a classic.

  5. I'm a fan of the ending in Briget Jones' Diary...mind you that might have more to Colin Firth than it does the story - I feel the same way about Sense and Sensibility. :P

    I'm also a big fan of the ending in Amélie.

  6. When Harry Met Sally!!!! They're the best. And best of friends, which has GOT to be the most important ingredient in any relationship!

  7. Even though Singles kind of has several endings, I love the end of the storyline that has the girl with the weird earrings, how she ends up asking to sit next to someone "young and single" on the plane, so they give her an obnoxious kid as a neighbor, but then when they get off the plane she falls for the kid's dad and you know everything's going to be all right.


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