Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Question of the Day #42

Last night, H and I went to Taco Tuesday with two of our buddies, Ryan and Brian. All you can eat tacos and two for one drinks. Muy bueno!

Of course, all we talked about was men and women and how we'll never even remotely understand each other. Then someone asked, "What's your type?"

"I don't have a type," I said.

"You have to have a type," Ryan said.

"Helen, do I have a type?" I pointed my Tecate Light at her.

"No, she doesn't have a type."

Brian and Ryan rolled their eyes.

"No, seriously, none of my exes look remotely alike. If you lined them all up you'd think I'm a very confused person."

And this is true. My tall, young, handsome dark haired last ex had NOTHING in common with the short, slightly rotund, spectacle wearing divorcee ex that came before him.

"It's all about their brains. And whether or not we connect."

Helen nodded.

Brian cleared his throat. Loudly.

"Okay, think Terminator. You've got the goggles on. You're scanning the room for the right target. You zoom in and boom! There it is. What are you focusing on?"

"Huh?" I said with a mouth full of taco.

"Let's do it now. Everybody look around this room. The gun's to your head. If you had to go home with someone, who would it be?"

All four of us scan the bar.

I glaze over the tall blond guy in the baseball hat. Barely notice Dude and Dude-r, the goatee twins, staring up at the basketball game. Then I lock in on the bald guy with the nice eyes and perfect teeth.

So much for connecting.

So, what's your type?



  1. I would lock in on any man with nice eyes, too. Well said. I'm grateful I've never been attracted to mean guys... I thank my awesome Dad for that one.

    : )

    Thanks, Suzanne!

  2. I tend toward the dark guys, though that's not a hard fast rule, and different than me. I don't want our baggage to get confused.

  3. If I look back at the guys I've dated and my husband they all have a slightly larger nose.

  4. Okay, the first qualities that come to mind are:
    Artsy, dark, mysterious, on the taller side, thin, probably hanging out at a coffee shop or seedy bar.
    But I married the COMPLETE opposite. My husband is a crazy, outgoing, sports freak, life loving, Workaholic.

    So I guess my type comes from a vastly different place.

    My type is patient, inspiring, creative, adventurous and above all a friend. Ya know, the things you can easily pick up on at a bar. ha! Probably why I knew my husband 5 years before we even started dating.

  5. IRISH, preppy, sporty with blue eyes and thick hair!!

  6. Ha! I'm like you, Suzanne--my exes are all completely different from each other, and I'd never dated someone like my husband before I met him. Seriously: guys with blond, brown, black, and red hair. Green, brown, and blue eyes. Asian, white, hispanic...

    I guess if I had to pin down some commonality between the great loves of my life, though, all three had curly hair (albeit in different colors) and brown eyes.

  7. Intelligent, down-to-earth, sense of humor, vegetarian, with a touch of an addictive personality that's tempered by therapy or other work on self.

    Either that or a complete loon.

    No physical type. It's the body language cues that get me.

  8. I like to look in someone's eyes and see the devil looking back at me. Just a little hint of danger!! Love it!!

    And it helps if he's hot!

  9. Hmmm? I looked around the room and I'm going home with H. : )

  10. Is it a good idea to look for your type at Taco Tuesday?


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