Saturday, December 6, 2008

Question of the Day #31

While we're in the teenage zone, let me introduce to you to my past. And luckily enough, my last night.

I met these guys when Michael Jackson was cool, pegged jeans were a must and I slaved to feather my curly hair. (Not pretty.) And yesterday, 20 years later, after receiving a text about a little martini party, I slid into the car, hit the 5 and headed to San Diego to see my Jersey Boys.

We talked about sneaking out when were kids, throwing parties when our parents were away, playing questions in the middle of the night. We talked about why I consider myself a recovering Catholic, starting new businesses, and Hanson. Yes, Hanson.

We played air guitar, sang our guts out, got reprimanded by the security in Jimmy's apartment complex and giggled as we shut the door in their faces.

We were, for a Friday night, 16 again.

They're solid. Ridiculously funny. Insanely loyal and pretty darn smart. When I lost my job, I drove straight to San Diego. When I got dumped, I cried on them. When I need advice or think I might have a genius idea, I call them to find out what they think.

So the question is, who do you go to when you need a friend? (Or a martini.)



  1. You of course!!! Love ya girl!

  2. That's easy, it's you Suzie, always Suzie!!!

  3. I have a friend who I keep in contact with on an irregular basis. We go for very long periods of time where we drift out of each other's lives, then we get back in touch out of the blue. It feels like we just pick up where we left off.

    She's the one I go to when the shit hits the fan. Well, her and my mom. Mom has always been my best friend (always being defined as starting from the time I was 20).

    And now there's my wonderful, beautiful wife who is here for me, supporting me, loving me, helping me. She's amazing. And a great cook, too. Feeding me can be very important. :-)

  4. It depends. I am fortunate enough to have a few "go to" people. Of course I have my husband and Helen who I can go to with anything. I find though that it depends what it is. Some friends are more suited to specific needs than others.

  5. That's a great photo. I miss those kinds of moments.



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