Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Question of the Day #34

It’s like this
I head north
But the on-ramp is closed
Just like the next one
The next one
And the next one
So I revise
Searching for back roads
But the connection is down
And I feel stranded
Too tired
And a little slighted
But I start over
Revise again
In hopes that this time
I’ll get what I want

That about covers how I'm feeling today. How are YOU feeling?



  1. All over the map! A bit depressed and confused, struggling for hope (our politics and economy stink right now). Exhausted from driving through a major snowstorm and almost sliding off the road/into oncoming traffic three times. Yet now that I am home safe and sound with my daughter who is practising "silly ballet" and my wonderful husband -- I am happy and thankful.

  2. awful & wish I could stay in bed. I've had this flu-like virus for a week now and am ready to start feeling better!! I have no time to be sick.

  3. Ha! I feel that way all the time. Hope all your detours eventually get you where you want to go...I'm wishing I was a lot further along with holiday planning and my current project.

  4. I feel like a freshly plucked chicken, carefree & gay, but none to frivolous

  5. Hungry and tired and like I'm never going to have enough time. Basically, like every other mom in the world...


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