Sunday, July 24, 2011

Question of the Day #1,000

1,000 days ago we started the longest running game of Questions. Since that first post on November 6, 2008, my life has changed. A lot. Here are some lessons I’ve learned over the span of the game:

• Sometimes you have to go through the same experience more than once to actually learn the lesson
Laughter heals
• The best kind of friend is so comforting that you don’t even have to worry about them when they’re there
• If your money doesn’t serve a higher purpose, you will lose it
• Some people will never hear your “no”
• Having that place to go is essential. So essential that when it’s gone, everyone around you can become lost
• The kindness and generosity of one friend can save your life
• Children are life-changing. Even when they’re not yours
• The ultimate goal is to love and be loved
• Walking provides a channel
• Late night dance parties can lift your mood for days
• Sometimes you have to smash wide open to put yourself back together
• Ego is hard to fight
• No one should ever go over 600 days without Sunday Night Dinners
Prayer is the most powerful form of communication
• Everyone has an arrogance of something
• “Good enough” is never good enough
• People want to help
• Ask for what you want. You deserve it. You really do

What lessons have you learned over the last 1,000 days?

PS - Thank you for playing Questions!


  1. Yes, people never hear the no, because they never got a chance to openly communicate to begin with, prayer is most powerful, I pray for people on this blog daily, my children saved my life, I would be dead or in prison, no joke, I dont think people have an arrogance of something, because life humbles you, good enough is good enough, your own standards vary, definate ask for what you want, you only have 1 life to live, so go live it. Cancer research is rewarding beyond my wildest 1000 more questions to you and a prosperous journey.

  2. I learned that real friendships, the kind that last till they cover your box with dirt go through their ups and downs, and that a real friend can put down a squabble or beef when you are in need.

  3. Congratulations!!!! 1,000 is a very large number.
    I have learned that patience wins in the end.
    That every day is a gift.
    That there is so much more to learn about life, our beautiful planet, the people that share it.
    That there are endless possiblities.
    That we really need to take care of our bodies AND our minds.


  4. I've learned that,
    It’s times like these you learn to live again
    It’s times like these you give and give again
    It’s times like these you learn to love again
    It’s times like these time and time again

    Keep the questions coming S. xx

  5. I've learned more over the past 1000 days than any other 1000 days of my entire life.

    I've learned that I really do love kids even though I was scared to admit that. My nieces & nephews have seriously saved my life. And I learned that even I want kids (whoa!!), and now I'm going to have one - that is the biggest thing I've ever learned or realized and it's the biggest game-changer ever. And I love this new person I've become.

    I've learned who my real friends are, I've learned which friends will always be there, and I've learned which friends I'll just never talk to ever again (and sadly, I wasn't too upset about that part).

    I've learned just how awesome my husband is. I mean I always knew he was awesome, but didn't realize he was THIS awesome. And he has saved my life even more than my nieces & nephews.

    Most importantly I've learned that my life doesn't revolve around my career. My career doesn't love me back the way a friend or husband or family member does. I'm done hiding behind work/career, and I'm back to basics with real personal relationships and it's liberating.

    Wishing you all a fabulous 1000 days & questions ahead! <3 you Suzi!

  6. Great going! Do keep it up, as we all enjoy the questions and the answers.

    I totally agree with you: the ultimate goal is to love and be loved. That's the meaning of life!

    What I'm still trying to learn: Not to jump to conclusions, to patiently wait for what Jim is going to say, and not to jump all over the computer screen when we're doing some research together.

  7. What I have learned is that I live in the greatest country ever devised, but it can't be taken for granted and we all have to spend time protecting it in our own ways. I have learned it's a privilage to be a natural born citizen of America. As I've turned 40 during your 1,000 questions I've learned that humility is key to happiness and success. I've learned that narcissism is probably the worst trait anyone can have which my grandfather taught me when I was a teenager, but it didn't take until recently. Most importantly you never stop learning, never. Your mind has to constantly be fed with new knowledge and it doesn't hurt to go back over things you thought you had figured out.

    I have to say this was an extremely appropriate question for me at this time. The last three years have been the most humbling, eye opening, and thought provoking years of my life.

  8. Wow! Great list, Suzanne!

    I've learned that things don't seem to happen the way I expect them to.

  9. Good job Suzanne! I've learned there are people out there who like my writing, which has helped me to feel way more confident.

  10. Wow, congrats on the 1000! Over the past 1000 days, what have I learned? Wow, quite a lot! 1000 was so long ago! I have learned enough over the past couple months aha. :)

  11. Loved your 1,000 post, Suz! I feel like my past 3 years are marked by an overwhelming sense of gratitude. In general, I've learned:
    -Giving and receiving are beautiful gifts. I'm learning to play the game.
    -Trust. In myself and in life to support me.
    -If you're hurting, let it go. Choose a new thought. Let it go.
    -Don't confuse your opinions (or anyone else's)with truth.

    It's been an interesting 1,000 days, and I'm thankful for all the mini-adventures sandwiched inside. And I know more to be savored lies ahead. Onward ho!

  12. Congratulations! 1,000 questions! Holy cow!

  13. Wow! 1000 questions. That is amazing that you could think of that many and keep going! Congrats!! I love your list of what you learned. Looking forward to many more!

  14. Wooohoooo! Congratulations!

    Not sure if they are lessons but here are some things I have learned about myself:

    I've learned I am good.
    I have learned that if I'm tired enough, I snore.
    I've learned if anyone or anything is a threat to my kids, I will attack.
    I have learned I am a better person the day after a night talking with the girls.
    I've learned I have a lot to offer this crazy world.



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