Saturday, July 2, 2011

Question of the Day #978

Today, I will celebrate my freedom by brainstorming with a couple friends. Because in this country, women can write, create and be anything we want to.

Then I will get a pedicure, because in the U.S.A., women are free to wear shorts and sandals. We don't have the burden of covering our bodies head to toe.

Finally, I will celebrate my freedom by attending my friend J's pool party. There we will eat plenty of food, enjoy a few cocktails and swim. Because as Americans, we are lucky enough to prosper and celebrate.

How will you celebrate your freedom this holiday weekend?



  1. We started our celebration yesterday as H and T came for a freedom visit. Let freedom ring!
    Delicious cocktails and porch talk. Today we continued our celebration by doing what Americans do best! Shop! Farmer's market, gardening outlet store and a flea market!!! How much fun under the VT sun!
    We are now celebrating again! Happy hour does not have to be only 1 hour ;)
    Happy Birthday! USA!!!

  2. I think everyone is out celelbrating :)

  3. The beach all weekend! FABulous!!!

  4. I went to the mets/yankees in queens and then coney island on mon.

  5. A bit different as I am in Canada but same idea. I spent Canada Day with my boyfriend and my "extended family" (aka a group of people that feel close enough to be family). Spent the next day with our two very good friends. It was great. :)


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