Monday, July 18, 2011

Question of the Day #994

I just received a text from a friend wondering if she left her sunglasses at my house over the weekend. She is not the only person who has left a pair behind. And I'm constantly losing mine too.

What item do you often misplace?



  1. My phone!! hah. I don't leave it other places but I'm constantly losing it at my place and my boyfriend's place.
    Another thing is chapstick. I will put it down somewhere and forget where it was :p

  2. I only wear glasses for reading, but I lose them all the time. I get them at Costco, 3 pairs for $19 so I don't freak about it.

  3. I don't misplace things very often. But hubby does. I also have this uncanny ability to find things that get misplaced by other people. Had it since I was a kid.

  4. Ha! Bish! I have that too--I refer to it as my "UTD"--"Uterine Tracking Device." I'm forever activating it living with 4 guys.
    I misplace my phone ALL the time, though.

  5. Keys and phone for me, too. Too bad I can't call my keys!

  6. Flip flops (but sometimes my daughter is the culprit).

  7. I'm pretty good at remembering where I put things. I have, however, been known to accidently drop my purse a few times. Once was on a bus in NYC and it had all my money and ID in it. It went around the WTC all day before the driver got off shift and got it back to me. I couldn't believe he found it and saved it for me. The last time I did it was in WDW. I was taking pictures of the sunset and I guess with all the straps, didn't realize my purse had slipped off.


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