Sunday, July 17, 2011

Question of the Day #993

The following questions are brought to you from Wednesday night's live game of Questions:

1. Would you rather be Mick Jagger or Johnny Depp?
2. Is the glass half empty or half full?
3. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?
4. Would you rather have fortune or fame?
5. If you had The Dolorian, where would you go?



  1. 1. Be Mick Jagger. Date Johnny Depp.
    2. Overflowing.
    3. Know-it-all owl says 3.
    4. Fortune.
    5. Probably to the Charlie Townsend Agency.

  2. 1. Johnny Depp
    2. Half full
    3. I don't know, I always end up crunching it at the end.
    4. Fortune
    5. Back to the time when my ancestors were making the decision to come to North America.

  3. 1. Johnny Depp, I've never been all that fond of Mick.
    2. Half full
    3. 6 or 7 then I chomp on it
    4. Fortune, fame comes with too many strangers.
    5. Oh, hard one. Possibly back to the time my ancestors were settling Texas, or traveling to California to be part of the Gold Rush, or...yes! I'd want to sit in at the Hartwell Inn while the Revolutionaries plotted.

  4. 1. Johnny Depp, hands down, especially the role in Chocolate. It's my fave of his.
    2. Needs more. It always needs more. Or maybe it could hold more?
    3. Don't like lollipops anymore and don't care. Though I did look this up once and there was a whole chart where someone had done experiments to count.
    4. Fortune and no fame please. Though I wouldn't mind if one of my books was popular.
    5. That's a toughie. there are so many interesting times in history to peek at and see what really happened.

  5. 1. Johnny Depp
    2. Full
    3. Probably like 30 until I bite it.
    4. Fortune, easy. I want nothing to do with fame.
    5. Back to the early 1800s where life was simple and people worked really hard to earn everything they had/achieved. And then I'd fast forward to meet Julia Child.

  6. 1. Definitely Johnny.
    2. Half full, for sure.
    3. Thousands.
    4. Fortune.
    5. Back to my teens where I could do it all over again, but with wisdom this time around.

  7. 1. Johnny Depp -- he's way prettier.
    2. Half full -- still some left!
    4. Fortune -- you can always buy fame.
    5. Little House on the Prairie

  8. 1. Johnny
    2. Half full
    3. 42 then I bite the rest
    4. fortune
    5. back to when my kids were babies for a day


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