Friday, July 8, 2011

Question of the Day #984

My father just gave me a lovely compliment regarding my confidence and persistence. The fact that he noticed made me feel good.

Who was the last person who complimented you? What was the compliment? How did it make you feel?



  1. My 1st AD told me "Hey, you haven't screwed up yet today."
    I still am unsure how to feel.

  2. My husband paid me a compliment about my body. As a middle-aged mom, it made me feel really good. It's nice to still be noticed after 20 years together.

  3. I am fortunate to live with a man who compliments me daily. On pretty much everything - except my housecleaning, because then I'd KNOW he was BSing :-)

  4. Iris complimented me yesterday on my arms. haha, made me feel strong.

  5. Random lady at the pharmacy said "you are the cutest pregnant woman I've ever seen." Best thing I've heard in 6 months!!! She made my entire week!

  6. Oh and getting that compliment made me want to compliment others. Let's all make sure we return the favor!

  7. Ill email charles, ie chuck and tell him to say more nice things.

  8. That's very nice :)
    My boyfriend gives me compliments. I just saw him on the weekend. I'm sure he gave me some compliments.
    My dad said he thought I had lost weight. That is a compliment because he is always commenting on my weight ... and always negatively. The thing is, I'm not even fat, I'm pretty average, I mean I have a bit of a stomach but that's all. Not fat. And so finally my dad thinks I'm losing weight. Yay?


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