Friday, February 11, 2011

Question of the Day #836

It's like this
You cover your eyes with tiny fists
And make soft baby sounds
Your big sister looks at you
Trying to figure out where you came from
And why you're here
"Baby," she says
A baby herself
I pass you to Mommy
Who cuddles you on her left
As your sister climbs up on her other side
Daddy picks up his camera
"There are my girls."
God's humor
God's blessing
His family

What are you thankful for today?



  1. I'm thankful for the unconditional love and support of my family and friends.
    I'm thankful to experience all the shades of love, both the magic and the heartbreak. I
    'm thankful to be alive and get to have a consciousness that is ever evolving and growing stronger and more grateful with every day.
    I'm thankful to have a healthy body.
    I'm thankful to be HERE, today, right now.

  2. Beautiful!

    I'm thankful for this brand new little life that is making our family glow. :)

  3. Oh so much but especially for your wonderful news! So tiny and so amazingly powerful. Love to all!

  4. My family, my new job on mon., you have a new niece?

  5. My kids! Today is my daughter's birthday. : )

  6. A beautiful poem about Juliet! Your grandfather would be so proud.

  7. Loved that one too!
    I love your
    "It's like this" poems.


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