Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Question of the Day #1,003

After digging up all our childhood issues yesterday, I think we could use a pick-us-up! Let's name five things we like about ourselves. I like:

1. My hair
2. My voice
3. My brain
4. That people like me
5. That I'm not afraid of much

What five things do you like about yourself?



  1. 1. I like my sense of humor.
    2. I like my eyes.
    3. I like my adventurousness.
    4. I like my optimism and faith.
    5. I like my willingness to try new things.

  2. 1. My height and posture
    2. My ability to laugh and make others laugh
    3. My common sense
    4. My ability to love unconditionally
    5. That I see beauty in many ordinary things

  3. Great list, Suz!

    1. My sense of humor.
    2. My mothering instincts
    3. My intellect.
    4. My optimism.
    5. My lips.

  4. My sense of self
    My sense of humor
    My people skills
    my openns to new things
    My confidence

    I think?

  5. 1. My courage
    2. My sense of humor
    3. My confidence
    4. That I'm a good Mom
    5. My voice (especially when I sing with and/or to my daughter)

  6. 1. my confidence
    2. my attractiveness ;)
    3. my optimism
    4. my lovingness - free love type thing!
    5. my intelligence

    This blog post is awesome!! :D

  7. I am not afraid of too much.
    Very happy with my life.

  8. 1. My faith
    2. My name
    3. My eyes
    4. My optimism
    5. My sense of humor

  9. 1. My hair 2. My brains 3. My faith 4. My ability to let things go 5. My arms


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