Sunday, July 3, 2011

Question of the Day #979

"I had heard so much about how amazing J was that I was actually nervous about meeting him," N's wife said.

"Oh, it's true. By then people considered J and me a man-couple," N said.

The three of us glance over at J, poolside dancing to hip-hop.

"After she met him, we drove away saying, 'I think that went pretty well, don't you?'" N said.

I laugh.

"Ridiculous, like meeting the parents."

"Exactly," they said.

Who have you been nervous to meet?



  1. A while after my sister passed away, meeting my brother-in-law's new girl friend. They are now married and she is wonderful.

  2. Parents of girlfriends, relatives on my wifes side.

  3. Friends' new boyfriends/girlfriends, nervous if they'd fit in with our crew. It's terrible when they don't.


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