Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Question of the Day #982

Today has been cRaZy. It's after 5:00PM and I am only now writing a question. I really don't know what happened. I worked, cleaned the house in preparation for a visit from a Jersey Girl and then I went food shopping so she doesn't starve.

So maybe it's not so much what I accomplished but what I didn't accomplish. For example, I forgot to write a question. I also forgot to invoice a client and I forgot to pay an important invoice.

Then I just realized the craziest thing. I forgot to eat. I never forget to eat!

Clearly, I'm having a scatterbrained day. What kind of day are you having?



  1. A jet lag missing the fab four kind of day.

  2. Not quite as bad. I considered skipping lunch because I was so busy but decided instead I would pick up something and make all my coworkers have to smell my food at my next meeting. That being said, it's 6:00 now. I'm out!

  3. I was wondering where your question was today!!

    I had a super long day. I certainly didn't forget to eat though as I was in meetings all day so had a work breakfast, two work lunches, and a work dinner. Yum.

  4. Today has been a great, relaxing day! I visited my parents all day today which has been nice. Good to see them again and come back to my "second home". My grandpa came out to visit today too. My dad is on vacation this week and my sister and mom just got off school so everyone was off! It was pretty nice.

  5. I forget to add deodorant all the time!


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