Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Question of the Day #996

We're a few questions away from 1,000! Crazy, huh?

Any suggestions on how to commemorate playing Questions for 1,000 straight days? Should I do something different that day? Or should it be like just any other day?

I'm not even sure how I could make it different. What do you guys think?



  1. Woo how exciting. I don't really have any ideas for you on how to celebrate aha. Or make it different. Your questions are awesome enough! Hmmmmm :)

  2. 1,000 is going to be on Sunday. This begs for drinking Saturday night and posting question 1,000 at midnight.

  3. Wow! Already 1000? Maybe you could revisit the most (and least) popular questions or something. But I like Thomas' suggestion, above. : )

  4. 1,000 is a huge accomplishment! In Kundalini yoga, they recommend mastering a meditation by doing it every day for a thousand days. Re-wires your brain! Who knows what you've done to yourself with a question every day? ha! Asking questions is a good thing.

    I think champagne is in order.

  5. I wouldn't change a thing - if it ain't broke don't fix it!

    But celebration is in order and I love the above suggestions. Make it a good question!!

  6. I'm lighting 1000 sparklers. And I agree with Kristen.

  7. How about asking what your readers would commit to for a thousand days? I'm in awe of your accomplishment!

  8. How about famous 1000 days, such as Anne of a Thousand Days (Boleyn) or Sheherazade (a new story every night for a thousand nights to keep herself from being beheaded!). Is there a theme there? Sorry to be so macabre!

  9. I think you start giving us ANSWERS! (hahaha)
    No idea...1000 sure seems like a lot.

  10. Ask the question via video!
    No! Sing your question via video all opera-like!
    oh Oh OOOHH....rap it!

    Ya, that's it. A questions rap is definitely in order.


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