Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Question of the Day #981

I invited friends over to watch fireworks last night. But on Sunday night, while curled up on the couch, fully immersed in True Blood, I heard a pop. Then a boom.

I jumped up and went outside. Fireworks exploded over the deck. Giant color splashes lit up the sky. The overhead show was amazing.

And a night early.

I felt so bad that I mixed up the schedule. I thought the fireworks were Monday night, not Sunday night. My friends were expecting a show.

Ultimately, we did see fireworks on the 4th. They were just far more distant than the ones I'd witnessed the night before.

What dates have you mixed up?



  1. I always mess up days of the week. I've gone as far as getting up early, getting dressed, and started driving into work before I realize it's a Saturday. For that same reason, I've missed my siblings birthdays multiple times and forgot about Easter once.

  2. It was confusing this year because the 4th was on a Monday. They ended up being both nights...and even the city of Nashville did their big one both nights.

  3. I'm constantly mixing my days up. I'm still convinced today is Wednesday ... yet it is Thursday. Hah.
    That's funny about the fireworks. I slept through the fireworks on Canada Day! :P


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