Saturday, July 16, 2011

Question of the Day #992

It worked! The brilliant Carmageddon scare tactics created by Los Angeles officials has emptied the roads.

Yesterday, I drove to and from Orange County faster than I ever have. Today, the PCH is wide open. And according to all my Facebook friends, the entire freeway system is wide open.

Amazing that millions of people heeded the warnings and either left town or hunkered down in their neighborhoods. Absolutely brilliant.

I can't remember a city-organized plan ever working so well. Can you?



  1. me too! i drove downtown last night and it was totally clear. i heard this happened with the olympics. there were so many warnings about traffic hell that the freeways were all clear.

  2. We're all homebodies at heart. :-)

  3. Even Venice Beach is mellow today. Swarms of tourists vanished. - And the last time this happened? 1984 Olympics. Mega dire warnings. The city emptied, and I whizzed around town on empty streets. . . . We need to do this more often.

  4. Our city replaced an entire bridge on the main highway in one day using something called rapid replacement technology. It would typically have been a two-year job that was done in 17 hours. The planning and organization that made that happen was incredible. They even captured the whole thing on video and it became an event that many people watched either live or online. (and that's the one and only time I recall our city getting an A+)

  5. There's less traffic in San Diego, too, despite this being Pride weekend! My guess is that everyone left Thursday or is using this as a good excuse to stay home. Hopefully reading a book!

    No, no memories of such flawless planning! Glad to hear it's working!!!

  6. I've never heard of something like this on the news before. It was all over CNN and network news. I'm glad it worked out well. :D

  7. In NY/NJ we had the opposite problem - an amazingly gorgeous summer weekend and therefore horrible traffic as everyone hightailed it to their favorite summer weekend destinations. Took me over 4 hours to get home from a place that normally takes me 1 hour & 45 min. Maybe we have something to learn from LA? ;-)


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