Saturday, July 23, 2011

Question of the Day #999

On the way home from work today, I caught a re-run of American Top 40. This week in 1979 was airing and Casey Kasem's voice brought me back to being a kid and listening to the show as we drove to my grandparents' house.

On those Sunday drives, we either listened to the American Top 40 Countdown or ABBA Gold.

Let me tell you, my mom, stepfather, sister and I do a mean four part harmony on "Take a Chance on Me."

What were family car rides like when you were a kid?



  1. The snacks were always the best part. I tried to get the snack in early, so that I could go to sleep asap to avoid arguing with my sister, and to not get too sick from the second-hand smoke. Most of our family drives involved going through a large park where there was no radio reception.

  2. Same as you described. Certain songs come on the radio today and it brings me back to our family driving in the "family truckster," our wood paneled station wagon. What I'd give for just 5 minutes of that experience again.

  3. Casey kasem was my back porch listen after church with my brother and sister on the old radio 94.5 in boston, we would have dunkin donuts as a treat. I remember the long distance deadication around number 6, counting down.

  4. Fun! My mom used to drive me to Vegas a lot and I always loved that, especially when we were going to see Elvis. Making that final turn right before you can see the Strip was always so exciting.


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