Saturday, January 22, 2011

Question of the Day #816

"The thing about him is that he has Arrogance of the Face," said M as we watched P, a model-like specimen, walk out the door.

"Arrogance of the Face?" I said.

"Yes, he loves his face," M said. "We all suffer from an arrogance of something."

H and I looked at each other.

"Then I have Arrogance of the Brain. I think I'm smarter than everyone," I said.

"You see. My theory is true," said Mark. "I have Arrogance of the Mouth. I say whatever I feel like saying."

"I have Arrogance of Self. Because I think I'm better than everyone," H said as her face flashed bright red.

We laughed.

"Okay, you ladies are getting it now. Everybody is arrogant about something."

Will you please fill in the blank? I have Arrogance of _______________.



  1. Nothing. I am very humble these days after what i personally went through.

  2. Arrogance stopped me in my tracks.
    Don't like that word.
    hmmm. NG

  3. LOVE that expression!

    I guess I would have to say I have arrogance of the brain too.

  4. Arrogance of "holier than thou."


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