Saturday, August 1, 2009

Question of the Day #269

Confession: I am thumbing through the "If" book. The truth is I do not start every day with profound questions in mind. Sometimes I need a little help. And I just found one I like:

If you were to select a food that best describes your character, what would it be?

I'm going to go with my favorite food, cheeseburgers. They are my favorite because they are a consistently satisfying, dependable choice, a little decadent, and totally fulfilling.

On the other hand, too many of them can be a health risk.

Let's replace the cheeseburger with Suzanne: She is a consistently satisfying, dependable person, a little decadent and totally fulfilling. On the other hand, too much Suzanne can be a health risk.

I completely agree with that. How about you?



  1. I should probably think about this more before I answer, but I'm going to say chocolate milkshake: prone to indulgence but slightly healthy.

  2. I've heard this question before and will steal someone else's answer: an orange. The outside skin is tough but once you spend some time to get thru that tough skin & peel it back, it's so wonderfully sweet. I like to think that's me - tough on the outside but inside a total lovey sweet softy.

    Sorry to use your blog as a megaphone but - another one of my brothers-in-law had their first baby today and she's the most perfect little niece ever!! She's a cupcake - yummy and sweet and a softy!!! He he. I love my new little niece. :-)

  3. Brisket. To be palatable, one needs patience and an appreciation for the finer things. Putting in the time becomes very much worth the effort, however. Not to mention, it's a big piece of meat.

  4. Cheeseburgers!! I love it! ...and you can dress her up or dress her down and she's still fabulous.

    I'm thinking I'm a pickle. A little traditional, nothing fancy. Usually on the sidelines, and not everybody loves em, but for those who do - it's a good thing. And green, nothing wrong with that!

  5. Actually I LOVE cheeseburgers AND pickles. That's kind of creepy since you guys are my family :)

  6. I say I'm like really rich cheesecake. Great in small doses but too much of me and you're sick for hours.

  7. All these great answers.

    Right now I'd like to be a cup of coffee. Or maybe that's drink one. ;-)


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