Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Question of the Day #286

Last night, while meeting with my fabulous writer's group, someone mentioned how during the SCBWI conference, one of the speakers asked whose career the writers would want. I immediately answered that I'd want Sarah Dessen's career.

She writes novels about characters who feel so real. And they're not "high concept" books, they're just stories about people trying to figure things out.

I'm into that. (Plus is it doesn't hurt that she's a steady bestseller.)

So, if you had to choose someone's career, whose would you want?



  1. Vin Scully or Jon Miller

  2. Three possibilities - not related to my career in any way, shape, or form:
    Sheila Fraser (Canada's Auditor General)
    Michaelle Jean (Canada's Governor General)
    RH Beverly McLachlan (Chief Justice at the Supreme Court of Canada)

  3. Mo Willems. Probably no surprise.

  4. Jane Yolen or Shel Silverstein.
    Or Gwen Stefani. ;)

  5. Meg Cabot!!! You can't see me but I answered that without hesitation!

  6. What a wonderful question Suzanne! Ye Gods, who would I choose to be other than myself? Perhaps Nelson DeMille; I know he's a guy and I'm a lady, but what the hey!

  7. I really am happy where I am. I think everyone has problems and I have enough where I am. If I were more powerful I would have more problems.

  8. I'm on the Mo Willems train too!

  9. That was Holly Black's workshop! (S and I sat together in that one.) My answer is I'd love to have Chuck Palahniuk's career (albeit a YA version of his prolific success). Some else in the room that day answered Laurie Halse Anderson, though, which I totally agreed with.


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