Monday, August 31, 2009

Question of the Day #299

The winds have shifted and it's pretty smokey here. I'm expecting it to snow ash soon. (Yes, seriously. That happens.)

I'm still praying for the fire victims. But I'm also praying for the firefighters - big time. I cannot imagine working in 100 degree weather, fighting a raging fire in rough terrain. Must be really scary and really exhausting. Beyond anything I can imagine.

I really admire them.

Who do you really admire and why?



  1. I admire firefighters, policemen, servicemen, that risk their lives for the citizens of America.

  2. I can't believe you're up to Question 300!!

    I admire parents who stay calm, who raise respectful children. I admire writers who never give up on their dream. I admire people who can always find the good in a situation. And I admire volunteers who give their time and expertise to make things better for other people.

  3. I admire the courageous people who live with debilitating illnesses and refuse to be defined by their struggles.

  4. My dad worked for the Ministry of Natural Resources and used to go up to help manage the forest fire crews in northern Ontario. As a wee kid, I didn't quite always understand everything, but always knew relief when he would come back to us safe and sound.
    I hope everyone is able to stay safe out west.

    I admire anyone who faces their fears.
    I also really admire anyone who puts their life on the line for the sake of others.
    I admire my grandpa, who I never met because he went overseas during WWII to fight the Nazi regime.

  5. I really admire good policemen/women. They have to put up with a lot and the few bad ones make it really hard for them. It would be hard for me to protect someone that hated me.


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