Friday, August 7, 2009

Question of the Day #275

Finally. My computer is fixed. I'm heading down to the Geek Squad to pick it up as soon as I type "xoxo, Suzanne." I have been waiting all week for Friday. Not because I'm dying for the weekend, but because I'm dying for my computer.

What has you saying "Thank God it's Friday?"



  1. Diner out tonight for my wife's birthday.

  2. All my posts always have to do with my daughter...because I'm a proud Mama & she's my life. Since I only see her for a precious hour or so between the time she wakes up and dropping her off at daycare and about the same amount of time between picking her up and bedtime, I'm always so excited to get to spend 2 whole days with her!

  3. Heading out of town to see my boyfriend's mom for the weekend.

    I'm with you, though. If I didn't have my computer I think I'd feel some sort of separation anxiety!

  4. Rick brought home pizza -- :)

  5. After my kids and husband I love my computer the most. All my invisible friends live in it. I don't really have any particular reason to be glad it's friday since it's summer and my husband has been working every day. Well come to think of it unlimited weekend mobile minutes is kind of cool.

  6. The SCBWI national conference finally started today! Fun but exhausting.


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