Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Question of the Day #279

Yesterday I encountered a man with long fingernails. I mean, Jersey Girl circa 1980's length fingernails.

I cringed and repeated to myself, "Don't look. Don't look. Don't look." I focused on anything but those fingernails.

This was not the first time I have run into men with long fingernails. Collecting grocery carts. Fixing my computer. Ringing up a purchase.

Men with long fingernails make my skin crawl.

What makes your skin crawl?



  1. Yeah, I gotta admit--men with long fingernails grosses me out!! :D

  2. Eeeek. Men with long toenails are even worse. Especially when they're yellowed. (Sorry for the bad visual!)

  3. Ummm where are all these long fingernail guys, because I never see them thankfully!!

    What makes my skin crawl - really dirty teeth. UGH I like can't stop staring. Like if you don't have dental care, fine, but jeez at least brush them!!!

  4. Certain bugs creep me out - especially centipedes.

  5. I agree about men with long fingernails. I have to say though that anyone with long yellow toenails freaks me out regardless of gender. Puffy, red, swollen gums really mess me up. I do that whole "don't look, don't look" thing in my head too.

  6. Totally there with you on the long fingernails thing (and also the toenails and centipedes). However, one day in the grocery store, whilst waiting in line, I discovered something even worse.

    There was a man, with a largish mole on his chin, with a strand of long hair growing from said mole. It was like instead of growing a beard, he opted just for the mole hair. You could have braided the damn thing. I openly admit to staring in this instance because it was just so bizarre and all the time I was wondering "why?". I'm hoping I never see it again.

  7. There is a guy at Farmer's Market with long finger nails. I can't buy produce from him. His nails creep me out.

    I am also creeped out by potato bugs, mice and gray hairs on my, er, body...

  8. These comments have creeped me out..

  9. Matted down or dirty hair. I once saw a girl scratching her head/hair over the Mcfries. I couldn't eat them for years after that.


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