Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Question of the Day #280

Okay, so we all creeped each other out yesterday. Let's try and counter that with things that make us feel all warm and fuzzy. Here are a few for me:

1. The smell of roses. Reminds me of playing (and eating everything I could snatch off a plant) in my grandmother's garden as a kid.
2. The smell of food slow cooking. Makes me feel safe.
3. Happy little kids being playful with a parent.
4. People who take the time to stop and chat with older people.
5. Sunsets.
6. Finding a tiny new veggie sprouting on a plant.
7. Sittng fireside with my crazy family working on puzzles at Christmas.
8. Holding my Fairy Goddaughter.

Those are just a few few for me. You?



  1. I guess I'm glad I missed yesterday. Not sure I'm going to rectify that either.

    Watching these kittens

    Mowing my mom's lawn (riding mower) when it's not too hot out

    Eating some of my wife's amazing cooking

    Walking in the woods

    Being amazined that you're still coming up with questions ;-)

  2. Hugging my puppy...feeling the arms of the man I love around me. Being safe and warm and inside during a thunderstorm.

  3. My kids. My family.
    Good friends.
    Really, really good books.

  4. 1. N and K's laughter and hugs.
    2. Human acts and statements of kindness.
    3. Coming home to a warm house and homemade soup on a cold fall day.
    4. The smell of sun-baked wood.
    5. The glow of Christmas tree lights on Cmas Eve.
    6. Hot haze early August evenings.
    7. Kids in hats.
    8. Fall colours.
    9. Reading a good book on a rainy day.

  5. How about a fresh peach milkshake. I had one last week. It was awesome.

  6. Watching my kids sleep.
    Wrapping myself up in a big, soft, cozy sweater on a chilly beach.
    The smell of pumpkin pie on a fall day.
    And everything else that is listed above.

  7. Warm fuzzies? Cuddling with my kids, the smell of a campfire, really soft pillows and a good book.


  8. -My bunnies
    -Holding sleeping babies
    -Being nice to people for no reason at all
    -People smiling
    -When a random guy walks by and his cologne makes me reminisce about high school
    -When you wake up in your bed and appreciate the warm, soft, cuddly blankets
    -A massage
    -The first sip of the first glass of wine of the night
    -Fresca soda
    -Diet coke
    -When the weather changes to fall, and you need a sweatshirt in the evening
    -When you are sooooo tired and the day is finally over and you can finally lay down and it's like a huge relief - it's that split second between your head hitting the pillow and falling sound asleep
    -Feeling like you can just "be"

    I like this question. :)

  9. Listening to he song, Here Comes the Sun


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