Saturday, August 15, 2009

Question of the Day #283

My friend S moved back to Boston a few years ago. Every year he visits during the summer and a bunch of us get together and have an annual brunch/breakfast. We're doing that this morning.

It's fun bunch of people I went to college with. It usually consists of tons of loud laughter and wacky storytelling.

I'm looking forward to it.

Do you have any annual get togethers? Who are they with?



  1. I do! There are two.

    One is the Lumiere Festival - a magical festival of lights. There are laterns throughout the park, and fairies, and mazes, and drums...and, and,'s beautiful. We plan a BBQ with my two very good friends and their partners and kids, and then we all head over to the festival.

    The other is with my 3 closest girlfriends in December. My gift to them each year is tickets to see a Christmas type performance at our National Arts Centre, because I believe the gift of our time together is priceless. We usually go out for dinner, take in the show, and then aim for apres-show drinks at the Chateau.

  2. I do not know who S, is. But have a blast! - MP

  3. Wow another good question... there are so many rituals I don't know where to start.

    The Hunt is one of the hugest (too bad I have another wedding this year again ugh!), the annual girls trip with Margie & Christie & Nancy & Barb, annual PSU Bowl Game (hopefully in CA again this New Years so I can see you Suzi!), and many many many more. :-)

  4. We try to have a get together of spouses too among the Sunshine ladies. We realize that for us to do the voluntary work, the spouses are also our 'backers' so that we can get on and do the job :)

  5. My group of college friends get together for the Superbowl at our house. We used to switch around the hosting, but for the last few years we've done it at my house because we have a good space, great TV, and an hostess uninterested in the actual game. Everyone can't always make it, but we keep it on the calendar and we all try to be there.


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