Monday, August 3, 2009

Question of the Day #271

I'm having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. I'm at the Geek Squad with my virused-up computer and H is actually typing this up. So, what's annoying you today?

Suzanne (H)


  1. Heartburn, from the delicious garlic knots I had at lunch.

  2. Nothing really, except that I'd rather still be on vacation... I hope your day gets better, S (only positive energy today!). XOxo

  3. The Geek Squad annoyed the heck out of my boyfriend's mom too. They kept it way longer than they'd originally quoted. I work in tech support so I know most problems can be fixed quickly but I'm assuming it's just the backlog of other computers to be worked on that takes so long?

  4. Today nothing has really annoyed me. It's gone super smooth. I'll tell you what bothered me last Friday, though! I went out to my Jeep and found that some punk ass kids had thrown soda ALL OVER IT!!! It had dried and I couldn't roll down my windows at all. I washed it this weekend and it's still super sticky in the door hinges. Then I was going the speed limit through a construction zone only to have every single car whiz past me going at LEAST 20 MPH over the speed limit. I spotted a highway patrol man pulling out and thought, "Finally!!! My vindication for always going the speed limit in construction zones!!!!" Too bad he pulled ME over. Luckily he wasn't a total dick head and told me the truth; his radar had gotten confused as to whether or not it was me speeding or the other SUV (which was completely out of sight at this point because it was going so fast). I was then stopped by police at the intersection before work because an over sized truck was taking up all the lanes. Funnily enough it was finally being at work on a Friday afternoon that made me upset and annoyed at life.

    Hope they fix your computer soon =\.

  5. A number of minor things, but I brought home Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch and now I feel better!
    Hope your day gets better soon. :)

  6. Nothing is annoying when you are holding a brand new baby granddaughter.


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